I love those twinkling blue eyes and that good-natured spirit of adventure

I love those twinkling blue eyes and that good-natured spirit of adventure

Six years later, Black History Month was being celebrated all across the country in educational institutions, centers of Black culture and community centers, both great and small, when President Gerald Ford recognized Black History Month in 1976, during the celebration of the asiandate nedir United States Bicentennial. He urged Americans to “seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history”===

MiataMike Hauled a load of Victoria’s Secret clothing to a warehouse once when I was truckin’, It was the crowning achievement of my career, almost made my momma cry with pride. I’m glad she didn’t find out about my little rest stop overnighter to try some of that shit on. I never realized how good i look in frilly lace. ===

First Some Biz, Then Some Blogging.

It was called the News and Lounge Room and the Jopa deed happened in the early morning hours of 03-02-18 about 2 am (god i feel like one of those real crime drama narrators) and was posted on the Pier at the end of that week. The Byrd Lounge started on 6-08-18 and ended on 3-03-19, the Clifton room started on 3-27-19 and i’m too fucking lazy to check what the interim room(s) were.

tempeau2 i’d like to be gay just so i could tell someone to lick my rainbow === ilovesukinbigmeat yuck liver is so nasty ilovesukinbigmeat no one should be eating organ meats in this day and age ilovesukinbigmeat that was when people had no money ilovesukinbigmeat and had to eat what they could ot survive ilovesukinbigmeat its a organ ilovesukinbigmeat that was in a animals body ilovesukinbigmeat why would u eat it ilovesukinbigmeat super nasty and gross

Anyone else find it a bit ironic that someone with this particular chat name talks about how super nasty and gross organ meat is?

This may be the first time in history (or ed after themselves (did Gehrig do that?). Ladies and Gentlemen, this weeks winner of the “Just Like Tammy” award.

The Fact Minstrel Has Jim Carrey-ish Hope That, Despite His Aging Ass Being On The Fast Track To Decrepitown, He Still Thinks He Has A Chance For A 3some.

allieg1941 under tha8t other gals picture they wrote..SHORT AND SWEET. under mine they wrote. TO REACH THE TOP OF A YARD STICK IS HER AMBITION..I didnt think that was f unny

as much of a bitch as she is (and she really is) I almost felt sorry for her while i was the above until she said the following about 5 minutes later.

allieg1941 when i was in 6th grade..some gal walking beside me as i was walking home..started taunting me..so i stabbed her in the arm with my pencil ===

So i heard about some new show called Clarice that was supposed to debut soon and i thought hmmmm, perhaps this is the further life adventures of the doe that sent Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer flying when she told him she thought he was cute. Imagine the disappointment when it turns out to be that bitch from Silence of the Lambs. What a motherfucking letdown.===

minstrel312: I also personally think sisterhood is great and that sometimes, three is NOT a crowd. I’ve done Hollywood, Jersey, and with all due respect, girl? You rock.3 hours ago

I know some of you may look at this post and think so what. well the lmao part of this is jerseyshore95 had dark brown eyes, not a speck of blue to be seen. which goes to show what a goddamn fake he is even when he’s gushing compliments. online newspaper my ass, it’s a goddamn blog and he doesn’t even write most of it himself. And the only Hollywood he’s ever done was that video store a couple decades ago.

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