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Pick-up points. You won`t find a company that focuses more on parcel collection than Packeta. In 2010, Simona Kizhonkov began to develop the network of collection points in order to facilitate the sending of parcels through online shops and to offer customers the opportunity to collect parcels with peace of mind. This is why it has created a sustainable way of parcel delivery, as collection points can collect more parcels in one place, delivery routes are shorter and emissions are significantly lower. 🛒 Přehled známých e-shopů od kterých zde můžete vyzvednout zboží např: Do you have an online shop and are you looking for a reliable carrier for your products? Join. Connecting to our system is fast, easy and at the best price! We have prepared packaging for 97% of the online shop solutions used in the Czech Republic. ⭐ Máte zkušenosti s tímto výdejním místem zásilkovny – Legal Shop Letná 566? Napište nám hodnocení, recenze a zkušenosti do komentářů a pomozte ostatním co si zde plánují vyzvednout balíček z e-shopu. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE CZECH REPUBLIC, TOGETHER WITH OTHER EU MEMBERS, HAS COMMITTED TO ACHIEVING CLIMATE NEUTRALITY BY 2050? And one of the most important tools to achieve this goal is the hydrogen strategy. This strategy aims to accelerate the development and subsequent implementation of hydrogen technologies. And here`s what we`re saying: you can count us! We use energy-saving LED lighting, pour the green of an underground water retention basin and the building we are in has its own compost. In addition, we added photovoltaic to the roof using energy to charge electric cars and the surplus to power the appliances that support the operation of the building.

And keep track of all your packages, just like 3,000,000 other users. Become a Zásilkovna pickup point, get free publicity and welcome dozens of new customers every day. Are you interested in expanding the offering in your community? Z-BOX is the right choice! Sustainability is what unites our company. Because running a business is about thinking about the future and setting the right direction. As a CSR-oriented company, we choose to respect the environment, use resources conscientiously and have a positive impact on society. We are pioneers in the use of alternative energy sources in the Czech Republic. We put their application into practice – whether it is hydrogen, electricity or solar energy. Sustainability isn`t just about being “green” or “green,” it`s about maintaining a healthy workplace and employees, because it`s the employees who ultimately matter.

Health goes hand in hand with mental and physical well-being, which is why we attach great importance to providing our employees with a comfortable workplace. Ergonomic chairs and safety courses are the basis and internal safety and prevention audits are indispensable, which, together with suggestions for optimization, improve the working conditions of all our employees. Název místa: legal In order to be able to develop and use hydrogen technology optimally, we depend on our own resources. For production, we plan to use solar energy from photovoltaic panels, which will be located on the roofs of our depots. Surplus hydrogen from production can be distributed and used, for example, to support the EU`s hydrogen strategy. Ano, autobusová zastávka před výdejním místem Na našem webu nabízíme návštěvníkům detailní informace o výdejním místě Zásilkovna Legal Shop Letná 566 ve městě Liberec. Zjistěte provozní dobu Legal Shop, přesnou adresu výdejny včetně kontaktních informací aby jste mohli bez problémů vyzvednout svůj balíček. In all our workplaces, depots or offices, we apply waste management to reuse materials and reduce waste disposal costs. We train our employees in recycling and purchase equipment that helps eliminate single-use plastics.

We also test alternative packaging materials such as biodegradable films. Hydrogen cars are very environmentally friendly – they only produce oxygen and water. We also see the advantages of their technical parameters: these cars can travel longer distances than electric cars, and pumping hydrogen is just as fast as pumping gasoline. This avoids waiting for the battery to charge, which happens in electric cars. Our e-commerce services make your life easier. We care about our community and help those in need. For example, we used cardboard boxes that were thrown away to create walls in our offices. In cooperation with several car manufacturers, we are testing electric vans and their use in logistics. We gradually discover the pros and cons and are constantly looking for ways to implement them effectively. Our first electric van is used for parcel transport from the Prague-Ruzynä depot and also from Äeskã© Budäjovice.

For 2022, we have set a goal to increase the number of partner vans using electric vans and motivate our current partners to purchase them. Part of Packeta`s hydrogen strategy is also the construction of a hydrogen pumping station for companies, which will serve not only our couriers and parking, but also the public. Because we believe that the number of hydrogen cars will increase and therefore we have the opportunity to help the environment and significantly reduce the carbon footprint. Another partner we are working with on the development of hydrogen technologies is the. Thanks to them, Packeta will have the first hydrogen van in the Czech Republic! It will be a Renault Hyviaâ and soon we will be able to show you this beauty up close! Sustainability is a topic that resonates with the people in our company and with entire companies in various sectors. From 2023, all companies with more than 250 employees will be required by law to declare their carbon footprint. That`s why, along with other companies, we`re looking for ways to help our planet as quickly as possible. Take a look at our green partnerships. Uložit do prohlížeče jméno, e-mail a webovou stránku pro budoucí komentáře. ORLEN plans to open the first public hydrogen pumping station in the Czech Republic. Not only are we happy about this, but we are also sending our electric vans.

With ORLEN, we want to lay the foundations for the use of hydrogen in logistics.