Jill: “You will manage my personal nothing friend here, would not you?

Jill: “You will manage my personal nothing friend here, would not you?

That they had taken the new athletes whoever amounts was privately in advance of and you can following the sheik’s daughter so that the Interest siblings could replace him or her

Patty Cantwell, students on an exclusive all of the-girls university, is strangled once arguing together buddy Liz and you may threatening to declaration numerous youngsters for the dean. Your mind of the college or university converts into the Angels to track on the culprit. Kris happens undercover once the a student, which have Kelly and you may Sabrina once the coaches and Bosley because the a beneficial stablehand. Kris and you may Bosley see three female packing a big crate towards the a beneficial van around the coach depot. Bosley afterwards says it to maintenance boy Victor Hoagland, even so they find that his van try empty. Donna Rossiter, a vicious and elitist student, harasses Kris and warns her never to tell anybody what she possess viewed. Kelly grabs Donna’s buddy Bo Fleming cheat into the a keen English decide to try, however, victories the lady faith of the opting for to not ever in public present the lady tips. Kris discovers you to this lady roommate, Cissy Canfield, enjoys a ring which had been lost of Patty’s private outcomes. She finds you to Cissy is good kleptomaniac. Donna, Bo, Liz and you may Cissy are selling drugs and alcohol out of the stables. Donna bullies Liz and you can accuses the lady regarding killing Patty. Whenever Bo tells the lady so you’re able to back off, Donna reports the lady for the dean getting cheat. Bo first believes you to Kelly ratted on her behalf, then accuses Liz. Some one tries to strangle Liz you to evening, but the woman is capable ward off this lady attacker. Bosley finds out the cage for the girls’ stash. Donna overhears your talking to the brand new Angels; she kits the newest stables unstoppable with Kris, Sabrina and you will Bosley caught up in to the. They escape, and are usually capable save the fresh new horses. They know Donna is bad after discovering that their horse has been removed and you can fastened during the a secure location. Kelly discussions with Winner regarding his character on girls’ strategy; he out of the blue acknowledges which he strangled Patty as the she treated your rudely, right after which holds Kelly. Shortly after reading that Donna put the brand new fire, Bo and Cissy break free of the lady determine and you will know one to she are blackmailing her or him. Donna claims one to Winner helped him or her because she had found that he is the fresh new strangler. Bo says to Sabrina and you will Kris you to she watched Victor drive aside that have Kelly. It pursue just after their jeep, and you may Kelly is able to untie herself and bail-out. Kris contact Victor, and you will Bosley tends to make a accessibility an excellent tractor to save Donna of fleeing the view. Charlie delivers anyone to Acapulco given that an incentive due to their an effective works.

Brand new Angels query Charlie to run criminal record checks for the Twilliger and you will Millicent Krail, a cynical Tv reporter who accuses Twilliger from exploiting the students feamales in new competition

A lady transforms towards the Angels getting let just after a few people into the face masks kidnap this lady friend while in the a jog. She shows you that they wished to go into Twilliger’s Twenty, an effective ten-mile path battle planned of the a recreations gowns company. He’s wanted to shell out twenty lady $1000 for every to own completing brand new battle, having a bonus prize from $5000 towards champ. The fresh Angels and you can Bosley check out the and you can look for around three professionals and a masculine friend performing in an exceedingly doubtful fashion. Several other competitor hides an enormous snake in her back pack. The newest daughter away from a wealthy sheik claims with the running the new battle to play the goals want to be an american. The latest boys throughout the masks nab a second athlete. Kelly and you will Kris just be sure to go into the competition to test something out, but a couple siblings possess easily did actually complete brand new empty areas. They reject a deal to let Kelly and you will Kris run-in its datingranking.net/tr/seniorblackpeoplemeet-inceleme/ put and provide them the bucks. Kris and you may Kelly slip to your battle sporting phony numbers, and you can Kelly notices new van which can have been doing work in this new kidnapping. Brand new threesome you to definitely behaved mysteriously until the race ended up being plotting along with its manager to wear a song and you may dancing “audition” into cams during an interview which have Millicent. Her to your serpent provides an on-heavens connect into the Snake Gap cafe. Charlie finds out that the Craft sisters enjoys a criminal record, which the latest van falls under one of two guys just who was working in a program together throughout their time in the new Navy. The fresh kidnappers eliminate the newest forgotten athletes out of on a warehouse. The Craft sisters you will need to grab the sheik’s daughter, however, Kris ends him or her. Kelly chases the brand new van right back with the Sabrina and you will Bosley, as well as force the fresh new men to lead these to additional females. It wanted to kidnap the woman and you can request an enormous ransom.

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