Feedback about Lingua Libre by Teacher Carol Genetti, PhD

Feedback about Lingua Libre by Teacher Carol Genetti, PhD

We’re doing work in Konkani, with its very own (but little) Wikipedia at Under Konkani, there are numerous dialects spoken, the enunciation of just one could be distinctive from the other.

Would like to build a classification for Saxtti (the Salcete dialect of Konkani). This will guarantee that readings aren’t getting overwritten by various other dialects. Also, it might permit the recordings of numerous rest that might have now been done in Konkani as a how.

Hey and this is Lingua Libre. We brought in Goan Konkani (Q700683) (gom) because had not been on Lingua Libre yet. On Lingua Libre, dialects is addressed exactly the same way as dialects. You’ll produce a feature for your dialect on Wikidata (example for auvergnat dialect) and tell us once truly ready, to make certain that we can transfer it on Lingua Libre with an admin device. You may want to directly create an element for the dialect on Lingua Libre, following strategies described at Help:Add a fresh code and getting exemplory instance of Auvernhat dialect (Q1186). Don’t hesitate to ping an admin for those who have questions. Best wishes – WikiLucas (?Y–‹i??) , (UTC) A« you can find dialects spoken, the enunciation of a single tends to be distinct from additional. […] this may guarantee that readings don’t get overwritten by more dialects. A» If the crafting include comparable but only the pronunciation varies based where the speaker comes from, it appears like various accents. Meaning myself record in French the term “bonjour” shall be one sound file on Lili. WikiLucas can report in French exactly the same term “bonjour”, it’s going to produce an other audio document on Lili. My recording(s), since i originate from the south-west, will hold the south accent. Recordings by WikiLucas, just who life 700km East of me personally, will cary the Lyon region feature. Lingualibre will put 2 recordings, one per consumer. Yug (talk) , (UTC) Hello Fredericknoronha, I have imported Salcete Konkani (Q701734) to enable you to today report words for the reason that dialect. Pamputt (talk) , (UTC)

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Dear people in Lingua Libre, i’m very happy to share an email from Professor Carol Genetti, a linguist and leading professional in jeopardized languages. Teacher Genetti is writer of among the best publications in the field of Linguistics called “exactly how Languages Work”. This lady huge experience and knowledge are really valuable and after examining Lingua Libre she said:

Thank you for getting in touch with me personally and permitting me personally learn about this initiative. Really an appealing idea. I particularly like the multilingual menus – beneficial.

Are you aware of this web site, managed of the University of Hawaii (and, I do believe, funded by Bing). So something that happen for me may be the growth of these web sites. How will people in an endangered-language people know about her solutions, and generate a knowledgeable choice about which of these online resources are better over the years with their forums? Should such efforts cross-reference one another?

Tracks were specific to a word, a words and a speaker

My personal 2nd believe has to do with long life. Required a substantial commitment to supporting a site like this over the years. The challenge has somebody who will keep these types of internet financed, operating, planned, related, and engaging people with time. How could you make sure that the data would be available in 10, 50, 150 years? Perchance you have that immediately when it is of Wikipedia. If that’s the case, claim that. Furthermore, there should be a definite declaration of how these data might be utilized, by whom, therefore speakers understand that as long as they record a wordlist, anyone might use if for some reason without her approval (is that proper?). I am sorry to need to push a down-to-earth message for the inspiration and desire for endangered dialects with which has clearly powered this jobs, but creating observed other projects stumble in this manner, i needed to make sure that you’re considering this. Speakers should be entrusting these types of valuable items of her life in addition to their countries. How could you guard this as time passes? Allowed folk discover. Those issues aside, here are multiple more comments:

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